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Change money at SBB Change.


Exchange rates and order

The advantages for you

  • Over 90 currencies at around 180 SBB Change counters at SBB stations.
  • Extensive range of currencies available instantly at major sales outlets.
  • If a currency is not available at the station, we will send it straight to your house as soon as possible for a fee of CHF 3.
  • Or you can order the currency you want in advance to be delivered to your nearest station for a particular date.
  • High concentration of sales outlets in central locations.
  • Long opening hours – we are also open at weekends at major railway stations.
  • You can also change your foreign money back into Swiss francs.
  • Large banknotes or a mixture of larger and smaller banknotes – the choice of denomination is yours!
  • Standard bank note exchange rates and better exchange rates for the major currencies for amounts starting from just
    CHF 2000. Better exchange rates for some of the more exotic currencies for amounts starting from just CHF 300.
  • No fees apply if you present your GA travelcard; otherwise there is an exchange fee of CHF 4.

Practical travel tips

  • For the best start to your holiday, buy local currency at SBB Change before you set off. Bureau de change desks at foreign airports often charge high exchange fees and have poor exchange rates and long queues.
  • In terms of cash, the basic advice is that, for security reasons, you should only change as much as you actually need in advance.
  • In addition to cash, you can also load money onto a Travel Cash Card at SBB Change. The ideal combination of cash and money on a travel card depends on your destination and travel requirements.
  • Our employees will be happy to advise you on the best way to combine your travel money.
  • For tips about travel money and other practical information, visit the Swiss Bankers country information page.  

Here you’ll find everything to ensure a successful start to your holiday. Get ready right away for the best part of the year.

Before your holiday:

Before your holiday:
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During your holiday:

During your holiday:
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