International services.

Regulations governing international rail services.

Compensation for delays.

On 13 December 2009 SBB is introducing the European refund rules for delays on cross-border services. For delays of 60 minutes or longer, 25% of the ticket price will be refunded, and for delays of 120 minutes or over, 50%.

For TGV connections 25% of the fare is refunded for a delay of 30 minutes or longer, half the fare for a delay of 120 minutes or longer. Passengers affected are issued with travel vouchers that can be exchanged for cash at any station.

Application forms for compensation are distributed by train crews or issued at salespoints.

Special compensation conditions apply to passes such as InterRail, Eurail etc.

Procedure in the event of a missed connection.

If a passenger arriving in Switzerland misses his/her last timetabled connection, the regulations governing national rail services apply.