General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Swiss Bankers Travel Cash.

By obtaining, accepting or using the Swiss Bankers Travel Cash card (hereinafter the «Card»), the Cardholder enters into a contractual relationship with Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd (hereinafter «SBPS»). The Cardholder  is to be distin- guished from the Beneficiary Owner, i.e. the person ordering the Card load, who is generally but not necessarily identical to the Cardholder. The present general terms and conditions generally apply to the contractual relationship between the Card- holder and SBPS. If the Cardholder and the Beneficiary Owner are not identical and a disposition of these general terms and conditions also or exclusively applies to the Beneficiary Owner, this will expressly follow from the wording of that particular disposition. The following general terms and conditions apply:

1. Card Load.

Funds can be loaded onto the Card via the Card outlet. The person ordering a Card load must be the Beneficiary Owner of the funds loaded onto the Card. The Card is administered at SBPS under the name, domicile, date of birth and citizenship of said Beneficiary Owner.

2. Card Account Limit.

The Card account is administered by SBPS. It is loaded with an amount in CHF, EUR or USD. The maximum Card account balance is CHF 10 000.–, EUR 10 000.– or USD 10 000.–. SBPS reserves the right to limit the allowed maximum amount loaded onto a Card during any 365 day period.

3. Maximum Number of Cards.

Any one Cardholder may own a maximum of five Cards and any one person may be the Beneficiary Owner of a maximum of five Cards. The overall Card balance of a single Cardholder or a single Beneficiary Own- er may not exceed USD 50 000.– or the equivalent amount in EUR or CHF at any time. SBPS reserves the right to further limit the number of Cards per physical per- son or legal entity.

4. Authorized Person.

The right to use the Card as charged to the Card account is granted exclusively to the person referred to as «Cardholder» whose personal data were transmitted electronically to and registered with SBPS on Card load.

5. PIN Code.

The Cardholder receives from SBPS or the designated outlet a PIN for each Card, which is handed over or sent to the Cardholder in a sealed envelope.

6. Card Acceptance.

The Cardholder can withdraw cash or make cashless pay- ments exclusively at ATMs and checkout counters carrying the Mastercard logo or on the Internet to online shops which accept Mastercard cards.

7. Paying with the Card on the Internet.

When paying on the Internet, the Cardholder authenticates himself by entering his name, Card number, Card expira- tion date as well as the CVC code on the back of the Card. If the SecureCode™ is required by an online shop, the Cardholder shall proceed with a one-time registra- tion of his Card for SecureCode by entering a personal SecureCode as well as a personal security message. The Cardholder will not be able to use his Card for pay- ment to such online shop without said registration. By concluding the transaction, the Cardholder acknowledges the amount due to the online shop while irrevocably ordering SBPS to make the respective payment to the online shop.

8. Mandatory Precautions.

When handling the Card, the Cardholder has to take the following mandatory precautions:

a) Safeguarding: The Card is to be carefully safeguarded like cash.

b) Confidentiality: PIN, SecureCode and security message (see Section 7) are to be kept in a safe place and separately from one another and from the Card. They are also to remain confidential. They must not be recorded on the Card or stored electronically, and shall not be disclosed to any third party.

c) Changing the PIN and SecureCode: Changed PINs or SecureCodes must not contain easily recognized combinations (such as phone number, date of birth, li- cense plate number, etc.).

d) Notification of Loss: SBPS is to be notified immediately in the event of loss of the Card, PIN or SecureCode.

e) Police Report: The Cardholder shall cooperate with police to the best of his/her ability to help in the investigation or to minimize the losses. Any criminal behavior is to be reported to police immediately.

f)  Monitoring Card Account: The Cardholder is required to monitor his Card account at least once a month and especially before recharging the card, online at Link opens in new window.or via the «My Card» app or by calling SBPS Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15. In case of discrepancies, particularly of suspected card fraud, SBPS must be notified in writing immediately and no later than with- in 30 days upon discovery.

g) Compliance with all Legal Regulations: The Cardholder is responsible for ensur- ing compliance with the applicable legal regulations (including fiscal legislation) and shall observe such legal regulations at all times.

h) SBPS shall immediately be notified in writing of changes regarding the informa- tion provided when the Card was ordered.

9. Authentication, Posting and Liability.

Any person who authenticates him- or herself on selected terminals by inserting the Card and entering the appropriate PIN, or on the Internet by entering the name of the Cardholder, Card number, expiration date of the Card, CVC on the back of the Card as well as SecureCode is deemed by SBPS to be authorized to use the Card. This also applies when this person is not the Cardholder as referred to in Section 4. Accordingly, SBPS is entitled to post to the Card account the amount of the transaction so activated and electronically registered. Any disputes over discrepancies and complaints con- cerning goods or services as well as claims resulting therefrom shall be settled by the Cardholder directly with the relevant point of acceptance and documented in writing.

10. No Fault Liability.

SBPS must be notified at once of any losses from unauthor- ized use of the Card by third parties when recognized. If Cardholder has complied with all conditions for using the Card (in particular the precautions set forth in Sec- tion  8)  and  irregularities have taken  place  through  no  fault  of  the  Card- holder, SBPS will assume the losses suffered as a result of the unauthorized use of the Card. Included are also losses due to forgery or tampering. SBPS shall not be held liable for any consequential damage. By accepting indemnification, Cardhold- er assigns to SBPS all claims resulting from such losses. Inversely, if SBPS were to suffer losses due to negligence on the part of the Cardholder or the Beneficiary Owner, SBPS is entitled to hold the respective Cardholder liable and to charge his card balance directly.

11. Fees.

SBPS is entitled to charge fees to the Card account or on Card load for processing the transactions conducted with the Card and for the services rendered by SBPS. In addition, SBPS is also entitled to charge the Card account for fees charged by operators of ATMs. Any such fees known to SBPS are published on the website of SBPS ( Different fees by virtue of provisions of the Card outlet remain reserved.

12. Withdrawal in Other Currency.

Withdrawals are made in the local currency in countries having a currency other than the currency in which the Card account is denominated. For the currency conversion, the exchange rate of SBPS in effect at the time of the withdrawal is applied.

13. Technical Failure or Service Interruption.

Technical failure or service interrup- tion responsible for suspending the use of the Card shall not entitle the Cardhold- er to file a claim for indemnification.

14. Blocking.

SBPS will block the Card as expressly requested by the Card- holder or upon loss of the Card and/or PIN reported by the Cardholder. Such request to block the Card is to be made to SBPS by the Cardholder or – if not iden- tical to the Cardholder – by the Beneficiary Owner. SBPS is entitled to charge the Card account for transactions made before such blocking became effective. SBPS shall not be held liable for any losses suffered by the Cardholder as a result of an erroneous blockage of the Card. SBPS reserves the right to block a Card upon rea- sonable suspicion of its unauthorized or fraudulent use.

15. Account Data.

SBPS shall not be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of information or data available on ATMs or on the Internet. Specifically, no infor- mation concerning Card accounts (balance, history, transactions, etc.) shall be con- sidered as final or binding. In addition, no other information available from SBPS shall be considered as a binding offer.

16. Card Validity.

The period of validity is shown on the Card. Upon expiration, however, no credit balance is cancelled. Upon request made by the Cardholder, any Card balance will be transferred to  a new Card or, against payment of  a service charge, to an account designated by the Cardholder. Upon expiration of the Card an annual handling fee is charged to the Card account. Card accounts with- out a credit balance are cancelled upon the date of expiration.

17. Data Protection.

The data relating to the Cardholder and the Beneficiary Owner are treated strictly confidentially. In the course of group-internal Card pro- cessing, employees of domestic and foreign affiliates of SBPS may have access to the data via company-internal data processing systems. The Cardholder and – if not identical to the Cardholder – the Beneficiary Owner declare their consent that in connection with the fulfillment of legal and regulatory obligations (e.g. pursuant to anti-money laundering legislation), SBPS and the Card outlet may view or trans- mit data relating to his person, his Card transactions, and his current Card balance while safeguarding confidentiality.

18. Outsourcing of Business Functions and Services.

In line with the regulatory provisions and according to the prescriptions of the Swiss Financial Market Super- visory Authority FINMA, SBPS may outsource selected business functions and services (such as IT system administration, internal audit, compliance, and risk control) to service providers in Switzerland.

19. Dormancy.

In case of dormancy as defined in Art. 45 of the Banking Ordinance or of absence of contact according to Rec. 12 of the Guidelines on Dormant Assets of the Swiss Bankers Association, SBPS is authorized to forward customer data to the competent authorities. If particular investigations have to be conducted in connection with dormancy or absence of contact, SBPS is entitled to charge the Card account for the incurred costs, particularly the investigation fees.

20. Amendments to General Terms and Conditions.

SBPS reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions at any time. Without the Cardholder’s or – if not identical to the Cardholder – the Beneficiary Owner’s written notice to the contrary, amended general terms and conditions take effect two months after the date of their publication at Link opens in new window.During the two months between the publication of the proposed amendments and their taking effect, the Cardholder has the right to terminate the contractual relationship at any time.

21. Termination.

The contractual relationship normally ends when the Card expires as set forth in Section 16. For important reasons, SBPS may terminate the contrac- tual  relationship  at  any  time  without  previous  notice  and  shall  immedia- tely inform the Cardholder.

22. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

All legal relationships with SBPS are gov- erned by Swiss law. Any disputes in connection therewith shall be brought before the Courts of Berne.

A current version of the «General Terms and Conditions» can be viewed at Link opens in new window.Alternatively, on request of the Cardholder, the latter will be provided by SBPS on paper.

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