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RailAway adventure trips, safe holiday spending money and much more: SBB is a gold mine for gifts that always go down well.

Hot events for cold days.

Treat yourself to a bit of warmth and cheer yourself up on cold winter days by travelling comfortably by train to our hot events. Thanks to combined offers from RailAway, not only do you travel conveniently to your favourite musical, you also save money. Take advantage of discounts of up to 20 percent on the train journey and a reduced admission ticket or additional service on site.

Give the gift of anticipation.

Are your loved ones going on holiday soon? Then give them the joy of anticipation in the form of pocket money in the currency of the country. You can obtain more than 90 currencies in the stations at SBB Change, 365 days a year, from early until late.

Adventure trips by train.

Surprise your loved ones with a brunch trip on the legendary Red Arrow “Churchill” or with an SBB cab-view ride across the world-famous Gotthard route. The journey is also spectacular on the ICN along the southern foothills of the Jura or on the super modern ETR 610 on the Bern–Lausanne route from Brig. 

Delight friends abroad.

Bring happiness to friends, family members or acquaintances living abroad. At 180 Swiss stations, you can send money to more than 200 countries via the Western Union cash transfer service, and the money is available minutes later at one of over 500,000 payment agencies.

Enjoy unlimited travel or be on the move for half price.

How about a 1-day travelpass for unrestricted travel fun? This way your loved ones can enjoy unlimited travel for a day on most public transport in Switzerland. Or give a Half-Fare travelcard – a gift that is also suitable for anyone who already has one, for it is possible to buy a voucher for it as well. You can also obtain 1-day travelpasses online or at any ticket counter. Half-Fare travelcards and vouchers for these can be purchased at the ticket counter.

Prices and product specifications subject to change.

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Here are some adverts which many contain content that cannot be accessed externally.