Would you like to give something really special as a gift? An experience, an adventure or something romantic? Then give the gift of a Smartbox.

There are 38 gift packages to choose from, within the categories of entertainement, cuisine, wellness, adventure, mini-breaks and miscellaneous. These offer the gift recipient a choice of more than 2000 experiences on their preferred date, thereby guaranteeing you a suitable present for your loved ones as Smartbox products make very personal gifts! You will find the corresponding offers from Smartbox in the individual tabs.

How does it work?

  1. Buy a Smartbox at the SBB counter and give it as a gift.
  2. The gift recipient selects the offer and books directly with the partner (service provider).
  3. The recipient pays on the spot using the gift voucher included in the Smartbox, with no additional charges and without seeing the price.

Detailed information is only available in German, French and Italian.

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