The official Swiss Railways watch.

The official Swiss station clock by Mondaine is also available as a wristwatch, wall clock, pocketwatch, alarm clock and in other special formats.

All items can be purchased at our SBB Change counters and ticket counters or ordered online.

Stop2go: The Official Swiss Railways Clock.

As you see in Swiss railway stations, the second hand of the Mondaine SBB clock moves around the face in 58 seconds, stops for 2 seconds, then the minute hand jumps forwards and the second hand starts its next round. The stop2go models are available as watches or wall clocks.

Classic watches in true SBB style.

Wear this SBB classic on your wrist. The attractive SBB Mondaine wristwatch is available in different styles. The new watch collection "essence" is based on renewable materials and the accompanying packaging made from recycled PET bottles can also be reused as a protective case for mobile phones.

Other watch and clock models.

Whether you’re looking for an alarm clock, wall clock or pocketwatch: find your very own station clock for travelling, at home and in the office.

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