The fast track to a wealth of SBB merchandise.

Acceding to numerous inquiries from customers, the SBB has set up a shop with fan and utility articles in any way associated with the railway. Online it is possible as from now to easily order articles listed under various headings – from the SBB T-Shirt to a wristwatch in the style of a station clock.

Every day, there are SBB customers who wish to buy articles in any way associated with the railway. With the Online Shop in the Internet, the SBB now responds to this need. In the website sbbshop.chLink opens in new window., and under the headings «For travelling», «1st class«, «Clothing», «Fan & Fun», «Books/DVD», «Watches» and «Kids», various articles in any way associated with the SBB and the railway can be ordered.

Practical and stylish SBB articles for use en route or at home are on offer. The range of articles extends from the travel bag over the beach towel, the T-Shirt to the SBB children's book. Of course they also include the popular SBB watches manufactured by Mondaine.

The articles can be ordered on the Internet around the clock, and are delivered to the home address, an easy and practical transaction.

SBB Shop Link opens in new window.

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