International luggage.

If you send your luggage from a station offering this service, you can have it delivered to your address in Germany a few days later. 

You can book shipping from Switzerland to Germany at your station in Switzerland. Please visit a DB sales point to book return shipping from Germany to Switzerland. 

Please note that bicycles cannot be shipped to Germany.

Prices in CHF. 

  • Item of luggage: 12 
  • + flat rate for international shipping: 40



  • Bags, suitcases
  • Skis, ski boots, snowboard, sledge


  • All items must not weigh more than 25 kg each
  • Packed appropriately in your own or the transport company’s bags
  • Customs declaration must be completed properly


  • Includes AGA (Allianz Group Assistance) insurance to the value of CHF 2000
  • Luggage can only be registered with a valid ticket for the whole journey or an annual travelcard.