Improving our service offer.

Find out which services, routes and lines are being improved. We are working with our partners to shape the future of Swiss public transport for you – and it’s sustainable, attractive and reliable.

Important milestones. 

  • 2020/21: 
    • modernisation of the existing rolling stock (IC2000, ICN, ETR610). 
    • new and comfortable rolling stock (Giruno, LD double-decker).
  • December 2020: 
    • opening of the the Ceneri Base Tunnel, launch of the Ticino Metro (Ticino S-Bahn), improvements to our service offer and cuts to German-speaking Switzerland–Lugano/Milan journey times
    • improvements to our service offer and cuts to Zurich–Munich journey times thanks to electrification of Lindau–Geltendorf (D)
  • 2019: opening of the largest cross-border S-Bahn, the CEVA (Cornavin–Eaux-Vives–Annemasse)