Clever commuting.

Here are some tips to help make your S-Bahn journeys simpler and more comfortable.

Tip 1: take the less busy S-Bahns and additional trains.

Take a look at our capacity forecast in the online timetable at or on your SBB app. This will show you which trains are expected to be the busiest and where you are more likely to find a free seat.

Tip 2: spread out across the whole platform.

To avoid large clusters of people around the carriage doors, move to a quieter part of the platform before your S-Bahn arrives.

Tip 3: try 1st class as an alternative.

The 1st class carriages tend to have more free seats.

Tip 4: Let your fellow commuters off the train before you get on.

The quicker an S-Bahn can get out of the station, the more likely it is to be on time. Leave enough space by the doors when you’re getting on so that your fellow commuters can get off more quickly.

Tip 5: move right down into the carriage when you get on the train.

Everyone can get on much more quickly and easily if you move straight into the carriage and don’t stay in the entrance or on the stairs

Tip 6: please only use one seat.

Your fellow commuters will be grateful if you only take up one seat.

Tip 7: thank you for helping us to keep the trains tidy.

Please use the rubbish bins at the station.

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