Privacy Policy for My station app.

Protecting your privacy means a lot to us. Please note the following points from our Privacy Policy for the My station app.

SBB takes data protection seriously and complies with the applicable Swiss laws governing data protection when handling personal and customer data. This Privacy Policy governs how personal data in the My station app is handled. By using the app, you accept this Privacy Policy.

The following data is exchanged when using the My station app:

  • In order to locate your device and navigate you through the station, anonymous location data is sent to the app provider (insoft GmbH). This location data is not stored. If you would like to prevent your location data from being transferred, deactivate the GPS function on your device.
  • To optimise the app, anonymous tracking data is collected during use and sent to a third-party provider (Google Analytics).

It is not possible to identify the user or their personal details based on the anonymised location and tracking data.

Please contact the SBB data protection officer if you have any questions relating to data protection or any requests for information, deletion or correction:

SBB ensures that it complies with the statutory data protection regulations. The data protection document on the SBB website contains more information on the subject.

Additional services.

Various additional services from third-party providers are available within the app. The following data protection regulations apply to these additional services.

IBM Watson.

SBB AG anonymises any personal data generated as part of the new chat system. SBB AG uses the anonymised data exclusively for statistical purposes. SBB AG does not disclose any personal data to third parties.

In-app messaging service (Smoope).

Personal data is generated when using the in-app messaging service (Smoope). Smoope’s data protection regulationsLink opens in new window. apply when this data is processed. 

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