SBB MyWay – the mobility diary for your smartphone.

How do you get around every day? By bus and train? By car? On foot? MyWay records which modes of transport you use to travel. For example, the app shows you how and when is best for you to travel to avoid peak traffic times and how you can shape your mobility in a more efficient way overall.

How MyWay works.

Download MyWay for iOS or Android onto your smartphone. As soon as you have activated MyWay, the app uses GPS to automatically register how you are travelling. This gives you some interesting information about your mobility.

Statistics show you if you’re commuting at peak traffic times, how you use your car, how long and how often you are travelling using muscle power and much more. Another interesting feature is that MyWay doesn’t just recognise whether you’re currently walking or riding a bike,  it also notices when you’re out on the ski slopes.