SBB MyWay – the mobility diary for your smartphone.

How do you get around every day? By bus and train? By car? On foot? MyWay records which modes of transport you use to travel. For example, the app shows you how and when is best for you to travel to avoid peak traffic times and how you can shape your mobility in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way overall.​

How MyWay works.

  • Download MyWay for iOS or Android onto your smartphone. As soon as you have activated MyWay, the app uses GPS to automatically register how you are travelling. This gives you some interesting information about your mobility.
  • Statistics show you information such as how high your CO2 emissions are, if you are spending a lot of time commuting in times of peak traffic, how often and how long you use your car for and whether your current mobility costs are higher or lower than those of the other app users.
  • Travel comfortably, with more room on the train or the roads during quieter periods with no congestion. We reward you for this kind of sustainable mobility behaviour. Unlock badges in the trophy area, travel virtually around the Swiss cantons and use public transport services with lower occupancy rates. This will boost your points balance. Use the points you have collected in our draws and win a range of prizes. Participation is free.​
  • Your mobile diary. 
While you carry your smartphone in your bag, MyWay automatically records your mobility and presents it on a daily basis.
  • Presentation of your journeys and stopovers.
You can view your recorded journeys and stopovers in detail on a map and, if necessary, correct them. Add a purpose to your stopovers to improve the quality of your statistics.
  • Your statistics. 
MyWay generates statistics based on the journeys and stopovers it has detected. This enables you to look at details such as how much you worked last week or how many kilometres you covered this week by public transport compared with all the other app users.
  • The trophy area.
Achieve mobility goals and unlock badges. Travel sustainably and virtually make your way around the Swiss cantons, finding out interesting information. Avoid using public transport services with a very high occupancy rate and collect more points.
  • The competition.
The points collected in the trophy area can be cashed in for tickets. The tickets entitle you to take part in the draws. A broad range of prizes are waiting for you. Participation is free.

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