A clean sweep: report faults and dirt quickly and easily.

The “Report fault” function will be available in the preview version of the SBB Mobile app from 12 June. It allows you to flag up dirt, faulty machines and other on-board problems immediately.

From 12 June 2017, the SBB Mobile Preview app will give you a convenient way to report faults and problems online. Tell us if you discover excessive dirt in your station or on your train, faulty machines or incorrect information on departure boards with just a few clicks. It means that you, as a SBB customer, can look forward to station and train facilities being cleaner and less frequently out of order.

Following the pilot phase, we will evaluate the feedback and input we receive on the function and decide whether to incorporate it into the actual SBB Mobile App.

Using your mobile camera for simple number recognition.

For the first time on Android smartphones, the camera feature is being used to provide optical recognition of numbers on ticket machines and coaches, meaning more accurate reports and less waiting until the problem is fixed. Submitting a report is very convenient and takes a matter of seconds.


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