EasyRide: travel with ultimate freedom.

Travel freely and flexibly throughout Switzerland – EasyRide does the rest for you! All you need is the SBB Preview app, one swipe to the left and one to the right.

Would you like to travel by public transport without having to worry about tickets – just get on and go? Without even having to decide where you are going beforehand? That is all quite simple with EasyRide. Because you check in with a swipe before your journey and check out again with a swipe afterwards. And at the end of the day, EasyRide calculates the lowest price.

Just check in and go – there's nothing else to worry about.

  • Activate EasyRide in the SBB Preview app.
  • Check in before your journey with a swipe from left to right.
  • Get on, change as often as you like and check out again when you reach your destination. You can travel as often as you like by train, postbus, boat and urban transport.
  • EasyRide detects the route you have travelled and automatically charges you for the correct ticket. EasyRide takes into account your SwissPass subscriptions, such as the Half-Fare travelcard or your regional travelcard, and also automatically includes zone upgrades.
  • If at the end of the day the value of the journey exceeds the price of a Day Pass, for example, you will be charged the lower fare.
  • If you forget to check out, EasyRide reminds you to do so.
  • Suggestion: Start your next journey even faster with the “EasyRide module” on the welcome page of the SBB Preview app.

Ask questions and report problems.

Do you have a question, or has your journey been calculated incorrectly? Then just write to us using the EasyRide contact form in the SBB Preview app.

Data protection.

When you register for EasyRide, your SwissPass personal data and the stored payment data are saved. To determine your route, the app captures your location and activity data based on motion sensors during the journey. 

The recording of your travel data starts when you check in to EasyRide and ends 5 minutes after completion of the check-out process.

Your data will never be passed on to third parties and will be stored in accordance with Swiss data protection regulations.

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