EasyRide: Travel with ultimate freedom.

Simply check in, set off and travel without a care.

Do you travel by public transport every day? Or would you like to be free to just hop on a train – maybe without even knowing exactly where you’re going or what ticket you need? With EasyRide, you can do exactly that. All it takes is one swipe on your smartphone – then you can set off with a valid ticket in your pocket.

Travel with EasyRide and win a smartphone! 

Try out EasyRide for yourself right away and enjoy the benefits of automatic ticketing. And best of all, with a bit of luck, you could even win a Samsung Galaxy S10! Simply register for EasyRide or travel with EasyRide (if you have already registered) before 31 May 2019 and you will automatically be entered in the competition. Alternatively, you can enter free of charge online.   

Enter online

In future, travel flexibly and without a care throughout the whole of Switzerland. EasyRide will take care of the rest for you!

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