SBB Mobile: your personal travel companion.

Want to know in good time if your train will arrive on time? Want to show your ticket faster during the ticket inspection? Would you like to be able to find your way better at the station and have reliable map information? We have good news for you! SBB Mobile can do it all. And much more.

SBB Mobile explained in simple terms: plan a journey and buy tickets.

Simply swipe to connect your departure and arrival points on the touch timetable and start the relevant timetable search. You can store the destinations you use most often or even postal addresses in a tile with personal images to create your very own touch timetable. 

Buy your tickets for the whole of Switzerland for yourself, your companions or your bike in just two steps. You can benefit from great-value supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes. Your travelcards on your SwissPass are applied.

All SBB Mobile functions.

Discover the app’s many functions and use SBB Mobile however best suits your needs.

Download the SBB Mobile app.

Don’t yet have SBB Mobile on your smartphone or tablet? Then download the free app. With over three million customers, SBB Mobile is the most popular public transport app in Switzerland. The app offers you simple and personalised timetable enquiries. It takes just two clicks to buy a ticket. You can load your travelcards (GA, Half-Fare, GA Night and regional travelcards) onto your SwissPass with ease and then show them digitally for added convenience. 

Do you have any questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about SBB Mobile are available in the help and contact area.