Welcome aboard the trains of RER Fribourg I Freiburg.

The Réseau Express Régional Fribourg I Freiburg (RER Fribourg I Freiburg) network is operated by SBB and TPF. RER Fribourg I Freiburg’s rail services make it easy for you to travel throughout the canton as well as to neighbouring cantons. Travelling on the RER Fribourg I Freiburg network is a highly attractive option and allows you to enjoy more time for yourself. We hope you have a wonderful journey.

RER Fribourg I Freiburg provides…

  • Punctuality.

    Rail travel means avoiding the drawbacks of road traffic (bad weather conditions, traffic jams and parking). RER Fribourg I Freiburg ensures you arrive at your destination on time.

  • A competitive edge.

    RER Fribourg I Freiburg trains take you right to the city centre. All in all, using public transport is much quicker. For example: Bulle–Fribourg: 35 minutes, Estavayer-le-Lac–Givisiez: 36 minutes, Romont–Bulle: 17 minutes, Murten/Morat–Fribourg/Freiburg: 32 minutes, Châtel-St-Denis–Fribourg/Freiburg: 49 minutes.

  • Frequency.

    Services on most RER Fribourg I Freiburg lines run every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday. At the weekend, services on some lines operate every half an hour and some every hour.

  • Comfort.

    Aboard RER Fribourg I Freiburg’s modern and welcoming trains, you decide how you wish to spend your free time. Some people prefer to work or study, while others enjoy reading, listening to music or simply admiring the scenery.

  • Good connections.

    RER Fribourg I Freiburg’s lines are well connected to the regional and urban bus networks. This ensures good connections.

  • Well equipped.

    RER Fribourg I Freiburg trains have plenty of 2nd and 1st class seating and there’s space for pushchairs and bikes on most services. Standing places ensure comfortable travel on short journeys. An information system shows you the train’s destination, the upcoming stops and connecting services.

  • Ease of access.

    At the upgraded stations, the platform height has been modified to make boarding trains easier.

  • Practicality.

    Most RER Fribourg I Freiburg stations have parking spaces for cars, bicycles and motorbikes. If there’s no public transport stop near you, just get to your nearest station under your own steam and then take the train.