SNCF: French National Railways strike.

The French railway workers’ trade unions (intersyndicale des cheminots français) have called a three-month strike. The first day of the strike on 22 March 2018 led to several TGV Lyria train cancellations. From 3 April to 28 June 2018 there will be further strikes on individual days. The cycle will be two days of strikes and three subsequent working days. TGV Lyria train connections will also be affected by the strike in April. You can claim a refund or re-book tickets already purchased for TGV Lyria.

Based on current information from French National Railways, we believe there will be train cancellations and delays on traffic crossing the border between Switzerland and France. Cancellations are also expected for regional traffic (TER). You can find the latest details on the trains affected on the TGV Lyria.Link opens in new window.

The strike days announced in the programme of strikes are likely to affect train traffic from 7 p.m. on the evening before up to 8 a.m. the following day. You will find further information on the impact of the strike for customers at:

Tickets can be refunded and exchanged free of charge.

Customers affected by the strike have the option of requesting a refund or exchange free of charge for all TGV Lyria tickets. This also applies to Lyria tickets that would otherwise be non-refundable.

Strike days currently known.

The strike generally starts on the day before at 7 p.m. and ends on the day after the strike at 8 a.m. Delays and train cancellations are to be expected on strike days. Please consult the TGV LyriaLink opens in new window. website.

Month Strike days
April 3–4 / 8–9 / 13–14 / 18–19 / 23–24 / 28–29
May 3–4 / 8–9 / 13–14 / 18–19 / 23–24 / 28–29
June 2–3 / 7–8 / 12–13 / 17–18 / 22–23 / 27–28

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