Summer timetable 2018.

In the summer months SBB is carrying out maintenance work throughout Switzerland. As a result, SBB will be operating according to a summer timetable from 30 June to 26 August 2018. During certain weeks within this period, passengers travelling on affected routes should expect modified departure times, longer travel times, platform changes, connections with a change of trains and train cancellations.

Reliable railway infrastructure is essential to ensuring that passenger and freight trains can operate safely and on time, both today and in the future. SBB is using the 2018 summer holiday period to efficiently carry out extensive track construction projects throughout Switzerland. From 30 June to 26 August certain lines will therefore be partially or entirely closed to rail traffic.

The construction projects are taking place during the summer holidays so that fewer commuters are affected by the timetable adjustments. With a complete line closure, we can deploy the track construction machines without interruption and work in a more concentrated manner. Customers and residents are affected by timetable modifications and noise for a shorter period of time. In addition, the construction costs are 30 percent less.

In summer 2018 there are more than 30 major construction sites all across Switzerland. The following three projects have the most significant impact:

Information about your journey.

  • Prior to your journey, check the connection on the online timetable at or in the SBB Mobile app. The timetables have been adjusted.
  • Please pay attention to the announcements at railway stations and on the trains as well as the monitors at the stations.
  • Customer service agents are available at the stations to answer any questions.
  • In addition, there is a free hotline for passengers on 0800 99 66 33.
  • Information about the current service situation can be accessed at

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