Carriage of bikes on the train.

Take your bike on your travels: buying a bike ticket lets you load bicycles onto most trains and Postbuses in Switzerland.

Please allow enough time for your arrival and for changing trains.

Bike space reservations will be mandatory from 21 March to 31 October on InterCity trains (ICs) marked with the bike reservation sign in the timetable, e.g. via the foot-of-the-Jura line (IC5/51) and through the Gotthard Base Tunnel (IC2/21). Further information can be found under «Reservation requirements and restrictions».

On Zurich S-Bahn trains you can only take your bike with you between 8am and 4pm and between 7pm and 6am Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays there are no restrictions.

Postbuses can only carry a limited number of bikes. On some postbus routes, you have to reserve cycle spaces in advance. Please note the information in the timetable.

Planning your journey.

During your journey.

  • Please allow enough time for your arrival and for changing trains.
  • In the event of capacity bottlenecks, please take a later train, one of the additional trains laid on during peak periods or an alternative connection.
  • When the train arrives, please look out for those coach doors bearing the bicycle pictograms and board here with your bicycle.
  • Passengers may only take one bike each.
  • Your bike must not be loaded with panniers, helmets etc.
  • Please make sure that you are able to carry your bike or e-bike onto the train and, if necessary, hang it up without assistance.
  • Place your bike in the space provided for it on the train. Depending on the train type, you may have to hang it on a bike hook.
  • For safety reasons, walkways, entrances and exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Bikes can only be taken on the train if there is sufficient space.
  • Please follow the instructions given to you by the train crew. They may impose restrictions on taking bicycles for safety reasons.

Important information.

  • From 21 March to 31 October, a bicycle storage space must be reserved on InterCity trains (IC) which are marked with the bike reservation symbol on the timetable (e.g. on the IC 5 St. Gallen–Geneva, on the IC 51 Basel–Biel and on trains which run through the Gotthard Base Tunnel). You can purchase a reservation at the station or via SBB Mobile or up to five minutes before departure.
  • Postbuses can only carry a limited number of bicycles. Bicycle spaces must be reserved in advance on some postbus routes. Please note the information given on the timetable. You can find more information at: opens in new window.
  • Self-service loading of bicycles on services to other European countries: reservations are mandatory and you will require an international bike ticket.
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