Supplementary offer for the self-service loading of bicycles between Zurich and Chur.

There will be additional capacity available for loading bicycles on the Zurich–Chur/Chur–Zurich route at weekends and on public holidays from 4 July to 25 October.

In addition to the existing space for bicycles in the train, you have the option of loading your bike in the luggage van. The luggage van with the large loading door is located at the back of the train when travelling from Zurich towards Chur, and at the front of the train when travelling from Chur towards Zurich.

An SBB employee on site will help you and load your bike in the luggage van. Please tell them your destination station when you hand over the bike.

You have the option of loading your bike in Zurich, Sargans, Landquart and Chur. On your return journey, you can unload your bike at the same locations.

When is the supplementary offer available?

Every Saturday and Sunday from 4 July to 25 October 2020.

including 1 August (Swiss National Holiday).

Route  Train no. Zurich dep Sargans dep Landquart arr  Chur arr
IC Zurich–Chur 559 07:37 08:33 08:43 08:52
IC Zurich–Chur 561 08:37 09:33 09:43 09:52
IC Zurich–Chur 563 09:37 10:33 10:43 10:52
Route  Train no. Chur dep Landquart dep Sargans dep Zurich arr
IC Chur–Zurich 578 16:09 16:19 16:28 17:23
IC Chur–Zurich 580 17:09 17:19 17:28 18:23
IC Chur–Zurich 582 18:09 18:19 18:28 19:23

This service will also be available on other trains on days with high demand. 


  • Please do not load and unload your bike in the luggage van yourself. SBB employees on site will help you.
  • The service can be used with a regular bike ticket (short-distance tickets for bicycles, 1-day bike pass, 1-day bike pass multipack, annual bike pass). No additional costs apply.
  • Please arrive at the platform in time and plan enough time for loading the bicycle. This helps us ensure a punctual departure.
  • When unloading please collect your bicycle on the platform by the luggage van. SBB employees will unload your bicycle. If the owner does not collect the bicycle, it stays on the train.
  • The option to load bicycles is subject to available capacity (there is no transport guarantee).
  • Liability: the provisions for self-service loading of bicycles as per tariff 601 apply.
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