Climate-friendly and sustainable travel: by train.

Want to make your trips out and long-distance travel as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible? Then SBB is ideal for you. Rail travel is low CO2 emissions travel. And you can relax on the journey too.


Compare the ecobalance of a journey by train and a journey by aeroplane. Enter the starting point and destination of your journey.

Your savings.

Small and refined over big and crowded.

How about visiting Dijon instead of Paris? Ljubljana instead of Budapest? Or Bologna instead of Florence? Smaller cities are often not as crowded, so visiting these places has less impact on the environment. This makes your city break even more sustainable.

90% of the energy our trains run on comes from hydro power.

90% of the energy used to power our trains is generated by hydro power. The mains power for stations, offices, operations and production buildings already comes from 100% CO2-neutral sources. And our aim is to source all our rail power from renewable sources by 2025.