engadin mobil fare network: Travelling in the Upper Engadine.

Whether you need a guest travelcard, a individual ticket, 1-day travelpass, multiple-journey tickets, a monthly or weekly travelpass, the engadin mobil network has a suitable product for every travel requirement.

The public transport companies in the Upper Engadine (Engadin Bus, PostBus, Rhaetian Railway and local bus St. Moritz) are combined in the engadin mobil fare network. The same simple fare system applies for all travelcards across the entire network area. For city or country you require one ticket only.

Zone system.

The zone system applies for all travelcards in the entire network area. Irrespective of whether you are travelling by train or bus, all types of public transport are included in the price of the zones you have paid for.


You can purchase single tickets and 1-day travelpasses for the engadinmobil fare network via the SBB Ticket Shop and SBB Mobile. All tickets can also be bought locally from the transport companies that are part of the network. Should you have any questions on the engadin mobil network, please contact the Engadin Bus office on 081 837 95 95.

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