Tickets and travelcards: purchase online with SBB.

Travelcards for Switzerland as well as tickets for Switzerland and Europe can be purchased and ordered at SBB conveniently online using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

In addition, you can plan your journey with public transport online and organise your route from door to door.

The following functions are available to you:

  • Fast, simple and personal ticket purchasing.
  • Tickets can be purchased directly at and displayed on your laptop, tablet or smartphone – even without the app.
  • Supersaver tickets can be selected as an option directly during the purchasing process (if available).
  • Automatic via and ticket selection based on the chosen timetable connection.
  • Frequent travel companions can be recorded and saved directly to your account.
  • The GTC only need to be accepted once – this is then saved for future purchases.
  • Where available, the City-Ticket option can be selected and deselected directly when choosing the departure and arrival station for different days.
  • SwissPass login.

Ticket types.

Advance booking deadline.

You can purchase your ticket up until the departure of the public transport option you have chosen. You must be in possession of a valid ticket at the time of departure of the public transport option you have chosen. The order must be fully completed before the departure of the service and the ticket must be available either in your mobile device’s application or in printed form. If not, you will be required to pay a supplement in accordance with Tariff 600, point 12.7.

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