Refund request for OnlineTickets from the leisure shop.

You can use this form to apply for a refund on Public Transport OnlineTickets and/or Leisure OnlineTickets purchased in the leisure shop.

Send your refund request to RailAway electronically. To do this, please complete the following form text fields and upload the documents required. Transmit your data by clicking the “send” button.

General Terms and Conditions.

Public transport OnlineTickets and Leisure OnlineTickets from the leisure shop are essentially neither exchangeable nor refundable. Exceptions apply according to the General Terms and Conditions of RailAway AGLink opens in new window., no. 9.1 as well as the General Terms and Conditions for the online purchase of tickets and services, Tariff 600.9 or Tariff 660, no. 24.1.

Time limit for claiming refunds.

If one of the reasons for refund given here should apply, Public Transport OnlineTickets and/or Leisure OnlineTickets from the leisure shop may be refunded within 30 days of the expiry of the validity period.


Please note that refund charges may be made based on the applicable tariffs.


Credits for refunded Public Transport OnlineTickets and/or Leisure OnlineTickets can only be made to the payment card account used when placing the order.

Processing point.

Refund requests cannot be accepted and processed at ticket counters. Checking and refunds are carried out exclusively by RailAway AG in Lucerne.

Reason for the refund.


Your refund request must always be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • The Public Transport OnlineTicket and/or Leisure OnlineTicket to be refunded.
  • Copy of ID (passport, identity card or driving licence).
  • In the event of illness or an accident: proof of inability to travel (doctor’s certificate or employer’s confirmation). (Confirmation of the unavailability of part of the service (e.g. closure due to weather conditions).
  • In the event of death: death certificate of the deceased.
  • In the event of seats being unavailable in 1st class: written confirmation from the train crew.
  • In the event of double bookings: the additionally purchased ticket must also be submitted.
Contact details.
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Important: Please select all relevant documents at the same time when you upload. Files cannot be uploaded individually.

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