SwissPass – the key to your mobility for work and leisure.

The SwissPass provides you with access to public transport and numerous partner services. Use it for your Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard, for your regional travelcard, as a door opener for your mobility car or for access to ski resorts. And take advantage of numerous special offers.

How to receive your SwissPass.

You receive your SwissPass automatically when you purchase a travelcard. If you do not buy a travelcard for public transport, you can obtain your SwissPass free at public transport points of sale and take advantage of our partner services.

Public transport travelcards on the SwissPass.

The following travelcards are available on the SwissPass:

  • GA travelcard
  • Half Fare travelcard
  • Modular travelcard
  • seven25 travelcard
  • Point-to-point travelcard
  • Regional travelcards (A-Welle, Arcobaleno, Frimobil, Léman Pass, Libero, Mobilis, Northwestern Switzerland fare network, Onde Verte, Ostwind, Passepartout, Schwyz fare network, Zug fare network, Unireso, Vagabond, Z-Pass, ZVV)
  • Annual bike pass
  • 1-month travelpass for the Half Fare travelcard
  • Leisure Travelcard 20 days
  • Leisure Travelcard 30 days
  • Monthly point-to-point class upgrade

Your partner services on the SwissPass.

  • Mobility Carsharing
  • PubliBike
  • SwitzerlandMobility
  • Ski passes for various ski areas
  • «Chimpy» rental service for mobile device chargers
  • Hotelcard
  • Europcar
  • Ticketing with Tipo and Smeetz
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Freedreams
  • etc.

We integrate further travelcards and partner services onto your SwissPass on a step-by-step basis.

Display your public transport travelcards digitally with SwissPass Mobile. 

SwissPass Mobile lets you display public transport travelcards on your SwissPass with ease in your public transport app. Visit swisspass.chLink opens in new window. to find out more about using SwissPass Mobile.  

Sustainable solution.

Your travelcards are renewed on the same SwissPass for several years. This allows us to reduce the number of cards produced and distributed – all in the name of sustainability.

Data accessible at all times.

Information on your travelcards can be accessed via your account on swisspass.chLink opens in new window. or by scanning your SwissPass at SBB ticket machines.

More about your SwissPass.

Everything you need to know about the GA and Half Fare travelcards.