SwissPass – the key to your mobility for work and leisure.

The SwissPass provides you with access to public transport and numerous partner services. Use it for your Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard, for your regional travelcard, as a door opener for your mobility car or for access to ski resorts and take advantage of numerous special offers.

How to receive your SwissPass.

You receive your SwissPass automatically when you purchase a travelcard. If you do not buy a travelcard for public transport, you can obtain your SwissPass free at public transport points of sale and take advantage of our partner services.

In order to obtain your SwissPass, please bring a valid ID card (or other official identity document) and a recent passport photograph with you.

Public transport travelcards on the SwissPass.

Almost all public transport travelcards are available on the SwissPass. The children and young people’s range, the GA Travelcard for dogs, long-term Park&Rail permits and single tickets will soon be available on the SwissPass as well.

Your partner services on the SwissPass.

The SwissPass is more than just a public transport travelcard. Discover the numerous partner services. You can find more information about our partners on the SwissPass site.

Click here to see SwissPass partner services Link opens in new window.

SwissPass customer account.

You can find information about your travelcards via your account on swisspass.chLink opens in new window..

Your customer account lets you do the following:

  • check the validity of your travelcard.
  • see all outstanding and paid invoices (only for GA and Half Fare Travelcards).
  • see activated partner services and attractive special offers.
  • change your address.
  • activate a reminder to cancel your travelcard before the deadline (only GA and Half Fare Travelcards).
  • cancel your travelcard (only GA and Half Fare Travelcards).
  • upload a current photo if required and any evidence which may be needed.
  • manage your leisure days if you have a Leisure Travelcard.
  • access various public transport services online with your swisspass.chLink opens in new window. access details. Log in to websites, online shops and apps – without having to go through any time-consuming registration processes.

More about your SwissPass.

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