The GA Travelcard for the whole family.

Children, single young persons and their parents can obtain the GA Travelcard at cheaper prices with annual or monthly payment.

Important information about the GA Travelcard.

Automatic renewal.

When buying a GA Travelcard you take out an indefinite contract. The advantage of this is that your travelcard is automatically renewed at the end of your chosen period of validity – 1 year or 1 month. The SwissPass saves you having to think about renewing your travelcard. Your SwissPass card is valid for several years and we automatically renew your travelcard on the same card.

Minimum contract term of six months.

Every GA Travelcard has an initial minimum contract term of six months, regardless of the payment interval. After that, you decide whether to continue your travelcard or cancel it at the end of each travelcard month, giving notice of one travelcard month.


Your GA Travelcard Familia for Children or Youths and the GA Travelcard for Adults are linked to a basic GA Travelcard for at least one parent. (Basic GA Travelcanrds for parents can be: GA Travelcard for Adults, GA Travelcard for Youth, GA Travelcard for 25 Year Olds, GA Travelcard for Seniors or GA Travelcard for Disabled Persons). If the conditions for linking the card are no longer met – for example, if the basic GA Travelcard is cancelled or the GA Travelcard required for the link is discontinued – the linked GA Travelcards will also be cancelled. More details about this can be found under ‘Purchase, payment, delivery and cancellation’.

Purchasing the GA Travelcard.

Products and prices subject to change.

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