Suspend GA Travelcards for free – contact form.

Suspend your GA Travelcard for 30 days easily and free of charge. To do so, simply fill out the online form below.

Your GA Travelcard can be suspended free of charge for 30 days. A deposit period must last at least five days (the date must be in the future). 

Customers with the GA Travelcard on a blue card can deposit it at any staffed point of sale.

The following travelcards cannot be suspended:

  • Half Fare Travelcard
  • Familia GA Travelcard for children
  • Familia GA Travelcard for young adults
  • GA Travelcard for dogs.
  • Regional travelcards
  • Point-to-point Travelcards

The form is exclusively for private customers. Business customers: GA on the SwissPass, cannot be suspended.

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Suspend your GA Travelcard per travelcard year for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 days easily and free of charge.

To the online form Suspend for free now. Link opens in new window.