Credit for the discontinuation of the GA Junior Travelcard for students.

The GA Junior Travelcard for students is no longer available as of 13 December 2020.

When the GA Travelcard is renewed after this date, it will be automatically converted. If the travelcard holder is still aged 25 at the time of travelcard renewal, the travelcard will be converted to the newly introduced GA Travelcard for 25 year olds. If the travelcard holder is older, it will be converted to the GA Travelcard for adults.

In the event that the GA Travelcard is no longer required, it is possible to cancel the travelcard on the next possible date. The notice period is one month following the end of the minimum contract period. More information on this can be found in your customer account page on swisspass.chLink opens in new window..

One-off account credit.

All customers in possession of a valid GA Junior Travelcard for students on 12 December 2020, receive a one-off credit payment of CHF 500 in the case of a 2nd class GA Travelcard, or CHF 850 in the case of a 1st class GA Travelcard. This payment will be processed for travelcards with both annual and monthly invoicing. The amount was automatically credited to the SwissPass account of the contracting party, i.e. the recipient of the invoice, on 14 December 2020 and will be deducted from the next invoice. The credit cannot be paid out in cash. If the GA Travelcard is not renewed, the amount will be paid out via a final settlement to the relevant bank or postal account.

FAQs on change to the product range.

FAQs about the one-off account credit.

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