Visa card.

Information on your existing Visa card.

Note: the Visa card was discontinued from 1 August 2015. You can obtain other information regarding the LibertyCard, the follow-on offer from AG, direct from our partner or at However, your existing Visa card is valid up to the expiry date.

Visa credit card.

You can use your Visa Credit Card to make cashless payments worldwide and withdraw cash from ATMs up to your credit limit. 24 million shops, restaurants, hotels and service providers in 240 countries accept Visa Credit Cards. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis and have the option of paying in instalments.

Visa prepaid card.

With the Visa prepaid card, you can make payments worldwide while keeping your spending under control. You load the desired amount onto the card in advance and access the money as needed. Once your prepaid balance has been used up or if you would just like to top it up, you can load it at any time.

The advantages of the prepaid card:

  • You keep your spending under control at all times.
  • The monthly account statement lists all transactions and fees as well as your current balance.
  • Should you lose the Visa prepaid card, your balance is still safely stored in your account.
  • You can use a payment slip or arrange a direct debit to load your Visa prepaid card.

Visa add-on cards.

Do other individuals in your household also need a Visa card? In conjunction with your Visa card, you can request one or more add-on cards with the same features. Add-on cards have their own card number and PIN code and are invoiced together with the main card.

Prices and product specifications subject to modifications.

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