SBB Green Class – the personalised mobility package.

Combine a public transport travelcard with the electric car model of your choice. Car servicing, toll stickers, tyre changes, tax and insurance are included and you can select additional modules to suit your needs. This means that when you are on the move, you are always flexible, whilst also doing your bit for the environment.

Why SBB Green Class is worthwhile for you.

  • Mobility to suit your needs.

    Create your own mobility package so you can get to your destination conveniently at any time.

  • Stay flexible.

    Your personal needs change and new mobility options become available: put your mobility package together in a different way each time you renew.

  • Transparent costs.

    One contact and one invoice for your entire mobility: there are no hidden costs with SBB Green Class.

  • Better for the environment.

    Thanks to the combination of train, electric car and bike, you can travel sustainably and thus do your bit for the environment.

SBB Green Class for business customers.

Switch to a modern business mobility package with SBB Green Class. SBB Green Class offers companies a business mobility solution at an attractive fixed price.

One contact.

We will help you quickly and expertly with all your questions and problems. The SBB Green Class team is here for you.