About SBB Green Class.

Mobility is becoming pioneering: SBB Green Class is developing sustainable door-to-door mobility together with its partners and customers.

2,500 people applied for the 100 places on the SBB Green Class pilot project in 2016. The response was overwhelming, despite the fact that the total number of newly registered all-electric cars reached just 3,303 vehicles in the same year. (Energy-efficient vehicles – market trends 2017, SwissEnergy, Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, 2018).

Although around 58 percent of Swiss city dwellers can envisage making the switch from car to public transport or a car-sharing scheme, the number of Mobility Carsharing users is still relatively low (Comparis).

SBB Green Class now makes it possible to part from your own car step by step. With SBB Green Class, complete mobility can be obtained as a service, meaning that you don’t need to buy a vehicle. The Premium and Comfort combined mobility solutions not only include use of public transport and an e-car, but use of a parking space at the station and the 2,950 or so Mobility cars at over 400 stations too.

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