Our goals.

Mobility is becoming pioneering. SBB Green Class is setting all signals to green and, together with customers and partners, is developing completely new forms of sustainable door-to-door mobility.

SBB Green Class is offering mobility services for road and rail in a single package from one supplier for the first time, clearly demonstrating SBB’s commitment to sustainable solutions for the mobility of the future. In order to help change the way people think and log customers’ mobility patterns, all of the mobility packages are developed in consultation with customers and partners, and with support from ETH Zurich.

The SBB Green Class team focuses on a series of questions, including:

  • How does a free choice of transport influence how people travel?
  • What makes people decide for or against using a certain mode of transport in a particular situation?
  • What experiences do mobility pioneers have with SBB Green Class? What do they like? What frustrates them?
  • What gets in the way of accessing multiple modes of transport and e-mobility?
  • What are the key factors for ensuring the successful further development of SBB Green Class?

SBB Green Class customers are pioneers: they play an active role in research projects, try out new forms of mobility, log data about their mobility patterns in an app every day and take part in surveys to provide their feedback. There was a huge response to the first pilot project involving electric cars in autumn 2016: 2,500 mobility pioneers applied for the 140 available places on the scheme that allowed them free travel with the GA travelcard together with rapid and straightforward access to electric cars.

SBB Green Class is continuing to develop its mobility packages further on the basis of ETH Zurich’s research findings (more information under “Sustainability” and customer feedback.) The SBB Green Class E-Bike pilot project followed in 2017. April 2018 saw the market launch of SBB Green Class Comfort and Premium, which included an electric car. In September 2018, the scheme was expanded by adding more electric cars and mobility services.

One of the keys to the success of the scheme is the partners involved. In order for customers to benefit from a broad range of products and innovative mobility services, SBB Green Class is already working with almost 20 partners. This way, the services not only meet current customer requirements but also consider those for the mobility of the future.

What does the future look like for self-driving vehicles, smart cities and modern mobility centres?

With its innovative approach, SBB Green Class directly contributes to SBB’s vision. SBB is seeking to establish itself as a mobility service provider for door-to-door travel in Switzerland, to use new technologies, to offer customers a dense network of mobility solutions and to join forces with universities and other partners. The SBB Green Class team is operating as a corporate start-up of SBB. The short decision-making pathways and entrepreneurial freedom make it possible to have an agile approach and conduct quick market tests.

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