My first “own” car at 50.

Florin Jäger combines mobility by rail and road to match his individual needs using the SBB Green Class package. We spoke to him about why he has chosen this innovative mobility offer.

Many of us couldn’t do without our own cars. Easy to use, anywhere, at any time. Florin Jäger isn’t one of these people. He’s quite the opposite. He has a sceptical view of cars. Though he has a driving licence – which he obtained at age 25 to travel more flexibly on holiday – he doesn’t particularly enjoy driving. For years, he didn’t have his own car. It was only at age 50 that Florin Jäger was able to call a car his own. “Though this car isn’t really mine. I’m just renting it,” he says, laughing.

The Nissan Leaf, which is parked in the Jäger family’s garage in Felsberg, is part of the SBB Green Class package which Florin Jäger uses. He needed the electric car after changing job two years ago. Since then, his place of work has been very difficult to reach by public transport. So the electric car is the perfect match for his GA Travelcard, which he still uses for all longer journeys. 

My new job meant I needed a car for the first time ever. But I knew I wanted an electric car.

Florin Jäger

Doubly flexible.

Sustainability is important to Florin Jäger. And for him it was also the main reason why he decided to go for the SBB Green Class mobility package. SBB Green Class gave Florin Jäger not just the form of mobility he wanted, but also the flexibility he needed. And that was doubly true. Firstly, he benefits from being able to put together a new mobility package every year if needed, meaning he can benefit from technological developments. And secondly, he can modify the components of his mobility package to match his own individual needs. 

Parking and bike hire included.

This is how things look for Florin Jäger: he needs his Nissan Leaf almost every day to get to work in Sils im Domleschg. Once a week Florin Jäger has to go to Zurich on business. He gets there from Chur by train. He either gets the bus to Chur or drives in his electric car and then parks it right at the station at one of the P + Rail parking spaces. Use of these parking spaces is also included in the SBB Green Class package where necessary. “P + Rail is great. It means I have a parking space in an ideal location in Chur”, Jäger says. Florin Jäger also uses PubliBike’s bikes and e-bikes, the fourth part of his SBB Green Class package. “I never needed them before. But now that they’re part of my package, I tried them out to get from Zurich station to my office. I thought it was great fun and have been using them since.”

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