Individual solution for work and leisure time.

Mark Bachmann often heads into the mountains at the weekend. More precisely to Engadine where the keen skier and mountaineer enjoys spending a lot of time with his family. 

Bachmann often boards the train in Lucerne on Friday afternoons. He uses the four-hour journey to Grisons to catch up on some work. “I take a pile of mail from the office with me that I’ve been unable to work through during the week. I get through everything by the time I arrive which means I can enjoy the weekend.” 

Bachmann is the owner of a company operating throughout Switzerland that employs 600 staff at 11 locations. This means he is much in demand and travels a great deal. He has to pay regular visits to all the branch offices. He also has meetings to attend and customer visits to make. Mobility is inevitably a key issue. “At some point I asked myself is driving to all my appointments and clocking up as much as 40,000 kilometres each year really the best option?”

The innovative approach and wide range of services that meet all my needs appeals to me.

Mark Bachmann

Rail and road combined.

In the search for a solution, Mark Bachmann came across SBB Green Class. “I wanted to try out this package,” he remarked. “The innovative approach and wide range of services that meet all my needs appeals to me.” Mark Bachmann has been combining mobility on rail and road for over two years with his GA travelcard and electric car. 

For the journey to work from Lucerne to Hochdorf, he gets behind the wheel of his BMW i3. Bachmann also uses his electric vehicle for three or four appointments a day in the Central Switzerland region. “But whenever I visit our offices in Bern, Geneva, Lausanne or St.Gallen, I travel by train. The same goes for our weekends in Engadine. This optimally meet my business and private mobility requirements.” 

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