BMW i3.

The BMW i3 combines sustainability and flexibility so you can get around without harming the environment. Set a good example when you travel: the new BMW i3 is dynamic, fit for everyday use and sustainably designed – seen by all but heard by few. The BMW i3 (94 Ah) has a range of up to 200 km in average everyday conditions.

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As part of both the SBB Green Class Premium and Comfort combined mobility solutions, you will receive a BMW i3 for daily personal use.

The best part: The combined mobility solution includes insurance, summer/winter tyres, repair services and more. In addition, other people, such as your partner or flatmates, are also allowed to drive your e-car.

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SBB Green Class Premium
SBB Green Class Comfort

If you decide on SBB Green Class Premium,
you will receive a new BMW i3 with comfort access and comfort telephony. You can choose the car’s colour too. You will also have the opportunity to add an assistance package to your purchase.


If you opt for SBB Green Class Comfort, you will receive a BMW i3 that’s as good as new with the following features:

  • Maximum of 20,000 km
  • No more than two years old

The BMW i3 will be personally available to you for the term of your contract.

  • Video legend: How the BMW i3 drives.

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