SBB Green Class Comfort VW e-Golf.

The mobility package includes the following features:

Comfort VW e-Golf.

  • VW e-Golf.

    By opting for the VW e-Golf, you will enjoy the benefits of a highly reliable compact car with a classy interior and a sleek design. The vehicle is provided for your and your family’s exclusive use throughout the term of the contract. An annual allowance of 15,000 km is included.

  • 2nd class GA travelcard.

    With the GA travelcard, you can travel in comfort throughout Switzerland with practically all forms of public transport.

  • Parking at the station.

    You can choose either 150 days’ credit for parking at any available site in the P+Rail app or a P+Rail annual pass at one available site.

  • Car sharing and bike sharing.

    The mobility package comes with a Mobility Carsharing annual subscription and an “EasyBike” annual PubliBike subscription including 30 minutes of free bike use per rental.

  • Electric car charging at home and when out and about.

    When you’re out and about, you can use the “E-Car Charge” app to charge your electric car at more than 1,500 charging stations in Switzerland (20,000 in the EU). Charging for approximately 3,000 km per year is already included in the mobility package. For charging at home, a consultation and home check for installing a home charging station are included.

  • Carefree package.

    You can always enjoy that carefree feeling when driving your electric car, since your mobility package includes liability insurance and the CarCare service, meaning that Arval, as the owner of the vehicle, is responsible for any damage to it. The mobility package also comes with summer/winter tyres with a tyre-change service as well as storage, maintenance and repairs, a motorway toll sticker, motor vehicle taxes and “Mobility letter of cover” insurance.

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