Stories about SBB Green Class E-Bike.

What does it mean to travel using multiple modes of transport with SBB Green Class e-Bike and a Stromer? Our pair of ambassadors Bettina and Christian give an insight into their everyday lives with combined mobility.

They both regularly report on their experiences. From daily commutes and trips, through to special journeys – they discuss their experiences with SBB Green Class. You can follow them across a range of online channels for an entire year! Besides Bettina and Christian with SBB Green Class E-Bike, Dimitri in German-speaking Switzerland and Jorge in French-speaking Switzerland have already been travelling for six months with SBB Green Class "BMW i3".

Bettina and Christian Hirsig.

After working for Ovo and riding the start-up rollercoaster, we established the company Builer together in 2015. From the first Mountain Pale Ale in Europe and a diagonal breakfast concept through to a programming school for refugees, we now have a wide variety of ventures in our Pacific Catch GmbH portfolio.

We spend a lot of time travelling for both work and leisure. However, we deliberately don’t have a car. We travel through Bern on bikes or with the Stromer when we’re in a rush. If we ever have to transport anything, we’ve got the kids with us or have a meeting in the middle of nowhere, we count on Mobility. And our office is either a co-working space or an SBB cabin, because our favourite way to work is on the train with our headphones in.

That’s how Bettina and Christian use SBB Green Class E-Bike Link opens in new window.

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