A new era of mobility.

Being mobile, without harming the environment – therein lies one of the key challenges of our time. E-mobility offers both: sustainability and flexibility.

Are there any drivers who don’t know this feeling? Sitting in traffic every morning before work or the endless search for a parking space in the city. Forget all that and have some fun. With the ST2, you can roll past the queue of traffic in style and park your Stromer straight in front of the entrance to your place of work. Enjoy some leisure time before work and again on the way home. Exercising in the fresh air and having more time are added benefits to this all-round pleasurable experience. Hop on and enjoy a top-class environmentally friendly and independent way of travelling with the ST2.

Where design meets connectivity.

The ST2 unites traditional design and excellent quality for even the most discerning of tastes. The design of the bike has been carefully considered down to the smallest of details but is still discreetly elegant. The ST2 is also great in terms of communication, for example by using the cloud-based platform Omni to offer sophisticated protection against theft and a tracking feature.

Important note:

The configurationLink opens in new window. of the Stromer ST2 is predefined for all mobility pioneers taking up the SBB Green Class E-Bike offer.

A detailed look at the innovative technology of the ST2 Link opens in new window.

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