SBB Green Class E-Bike.

SBB, Stromer, m-way and Mobility are joining forces with the SBB Green Class E-Bike research project to break new ground when it comes to sustainable mobility. SBB Green Class provides you with flexible, active and sustainable ways of travelling from door to door.

SBB Green Class E-Bike comprises:

  • Either a 1st or 2nd class GA travelcard.
  • STROMER ST2: first year’s rental including Stromer-Assistance. Individual advice, personal vehicle handover and two services and repairs at m-way or at the Stromer flagship store.
  • An annual subscription for a parking space for your bike in a cycle park at the station.
  • Mobility Carsharing subscription including drive credit worth CHF 100.
  • Six 1-day bike passes: to bring your e-bike onto the train with you.
  • Public transport letter of cover.
  • Free Internet access at SBB train stations (without having to register).
  • Battere subscription: mobile phone chargers to rent.

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