Stories about SBB Green Class E-Car.

What does it mean to travel using multiple modes of transport with SBB Green Class E-Car? Our bloggers provide an insight into their everyday life with combined mobility.

They regularly reported on their experiences with SBB Green Class E-Car and provided exciting background information about the project in interviews with experts on the subject of “mobility of the future”. Read all our ambassadors’ stories about SBB Green Class E-Car here.

Dimitri Burkhard

Founder of the online magazine Newly Swissed

“Our society currently rests on mobility and the future appears to be clearly mapped out with mottos like quality of life, sustainability and clean energy. But between all the timetable apps, carsharing and electric cars, we still haven’t quite figured out how this all works in everyday life. I’m enthusiastic about SBB Green Class because I believe that it will give us answers and perhaps it will make Switzerland a role model for the rest of the world to follow.”

Jorge S. B. Guerreiro

Founder of the online magazine JSBG

“I’ve been a car enthusiast since childhood, but I’ve never been able to live out my love of travel in such an environmentally friendly way as I can with SBB Green Class. Future-oriented mobility is a subject I hold dearly and I’m delighted to be able to regularly share my experiences as part of this research project!”

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