A new era of mobility.

Being mobile without harming the environment – therein lies one of the key challenges of our time.

E-mobility offers both: sustainability and flexibility. Electric drive systems are significantly quieter and more energy efficient than combustion engines, thus wowing drivers with their superior acceleration. The reach of electric cars is also satisfying thanks to high-performance batteries and innovative rapid charging systems. Enter this new era of mobility with the revolutionary BMW i3.

Sustainably electrifying.

The BMW i3 can go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 7.3 seconds – an extraordinarily electrifying driving experience. But the fully electric BMW not only captivates drivers with its agility, but also enthrals with its overall environmentally friendly design. In fact, from its sustainable production process and use of recycled materials in the interior and exterior to an energy efficiency which sets new standards, it is eco-friendly across the board. The BMW i3 is a revolutionary vehicle but is still perfectly fit for everyday use. This is down to its spaciousness and a practice-driven reach of 200 kilometres. The sustainability of the electricity used is guaranteed with eco-power road tax discs.

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