Research project.

SBB Green Class is a combined offer, comprising both services and a research project looking into the mobility of the future.

The research project will investigate a range of questions including:

  • How does a free choice of public transport influence how people travel?
  • What makes people decide for or against using a certain mode of transport in a particular situation?
  • What experiences do the mobility pioneers have with SBB Green Class? What do they like? What frustrates them?
  • What gets in the way of accessing multiple modes of transport and e-mobility, and what are the key factors for ensuring the successful further development of SBB Green Class?

Mobility analysis with SBB Green Class pioneers.

The 150 selected mobility pioneers log their transport habits over the course of a year using a smartphone app developed by MotionTag. In order to keep their mobile up and running when they’re on the go too, participants are given a portable battery subscription from Battere.Link opens in new window. The data evaluation and study is scientifically supported by ETH Zurich. Participants also take part in online surveys and a series of personal interviews. All details relevant to the research project are made anonymous and are analysed in strict compliance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

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