Sustainable mobility with SBB Green Class.

The average person in Switzerland already travels 36.7 kilometres per day (Swiss Federal Statistical Office – BFS, 2016, Commuting 2014). Forecasts indicate that passenger traffic will increase by 25 percent by 2040 (Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development – ARE, 2016, Transport Outlook 2040).

Flexible and sustainable mobility solutions are required in order to manage this increase. That’s why SBB is venturing onto the streets to make sure that the first and last mile between your home and the station and vice versa can be covered in a quick and environmentally friendly way.

SBB offers seamless door-to-door travel in collaboration with BMW, Mobility, PubliBike and other service partners. With SBB Green Class E-Car, SBB is aiming to test a combined offer, which connects environmentally sound transport on the roads with public transport.

Electric cars are not only quieter and cleaner than cars with combustion engines, but they are also significantly more energy efficient. The sustainability of the electricity used for the BMW i3s in the research project is guaranteed with eco-power road tax discs. Electric cars that use eco-power (green power) emit up to four times less CO2 over their lifetime than conventional cars. This means that, with regard to environmental performance, they are closing in on trains, which, as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, emit up to 20 times less CO2 emissions than conventional cars.

In addition to its environmentally friendly operation, the BMW i3 also impresses with its high proportion of recycled materials and energy-efficient production process. This ecological assessment was reviewed by an independent institution and was awarded the ISO 14040/14044 certificateLink opens in new window.

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