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Half-price travel through Switzerland: with the Half-Fare travelcard on the SwissPass.

One pay half price.

With the Half-Fare travelcard you travel half price1 on all SBB routes and most other railways as well as on boats, buses and trams (please also note the Half-Fare travelcard area of validity).

With your Half-Fare travelcard you also benefit from attractive additional services and discounts. If you are under 25 years, you can also purchase the popular Track 7 with your Half-Fare travelcard. Are you already 16 years of age? Then you can benefit from a reduced price and buy the Half-Fare travecard for 16-year-olds.

Important information on the Half-Fare travelcard and the SwissPass.

Purchasing or ordering.



Prices and product specifications subject to modifications.


1 Over short distances, or for reduced combined offers, the discount may be less than 50%.

2 Checklist for evaluating the image: front shot; face width on the photo min. 20 mm (max. 35 mm); eyes open, spectacles not hiding the eyes; single colour background and even lighting (no shadows); photo should be clear and high-contrast. Additional information for digital photos: image size minimum 200 × 250 pixels; file size maximum 2000 KB (JPG); set colour to RGB mode. 

3 Passport or ID card from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Liechtenstein.

4 Payment by cash, vouchers, Reka-Check, Reka Rail, debit or credit card (PostFinance Card, Mastercard, Visa, Reka-Card, American Express, Diners, JCB or myOne)

Further content

Half-Fare travelcard.

Half-Fare tavelcard loyalty price.

1 year (loyalty price for automatic renewal as well as seamless change from a 2 or 3-year Half-Fare or GA travelcard to a Half-Fare travelcard on the SwissPass)

Purchase with credit card Half-Fare tavelcard loyalty price. Link opens in new window. Order agaings incoice Half-Fare tavelcard loyalty price. Link opens in new window.