The Half-Fare Travelcard.

With the Half-Fare Travelcard, you can travel for half price on all SBB routes and most other railways as well as on boats, postbuses and trams. With the Half-Fare Travelcard you can also take advantage of discounts on urban transport as well as attractive additional services and discounts. Your Half-Fare Travelcard comes on the SwissPass.

Are you between 16 and 25 years of age? Then make the most of our latest offer, the Half-Fare Travelcard for youth, first issued on 1 May 2019. During the introductory phase, which lasts until 30 April 2020, it costs only CHF 100 per year, and CHF 120 thereafter.

Half Fare Travelcard for youth

Please note: The Half-Fare Travelcard discount may be less than 50% on short-distance routes because of the minimum price. This also applies to reduced offers or combined offers which include a train journey and additional services.

Important information about the Half Fare Travelcard.

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Prices and product specifications subject to modifications.

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Price for new 1-year purchase: for new travelcards or renewals after a break.

Loyalty price for 1-year purchase: for a seamless switch from the GA Travelcard to a Half Fare Travelcard.

Existing customers will automatically be charged the loyalty price when renewing.

Purchase Half Fare Travelcard & Half Fare Travelcard loyalty price (from 25 years old). Order against invoice Half Fare Travelcard & Half Fare Travelcard loyalty price (from 25 years old).

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