Leisure Travelcard: Enjoy free travel in your free time.

Do you often go on excursions with public transport? When you use the Leisure Travelcard in combination with the Half Fare travelcard, you enjoy unlimited travel 20 or 30 days per year on all trains of the SBB, most other railways as well as in trams, buses, postbuses and ships.

The Leisure Travelcard with the SwissPass.

The Leisure Travelcard is a trial offer. If it turns out to be popular, we will include it in our range of products. You receive the Leisure Travelcard on your SwissPass. The prerequisite is that you have a Half Fare travelcard. Before each journey, you must activate your freely selectable leisure days in your account at swisspass.ch. 

If you do not yet have a SwissPass account, you can simply register here. Link opens in new window.

Our offer for you.

Offer 2nd class
1st class
Leisure Travelcard 20 days
CHF 900.– 
(CHF 45.– per day)
CHF 1520.– 
(CHF 76.– per day)
Leisure Travelcard 30 days
CHF 1200.– 
(CHF 40.– per day)
CHF 2040.– 
(CHF 68.– per day)

With the SwissPass you can obtain the Leisure travelcard at numerous staffed public transport sales points or very easily in the webshop. The Leisure Travelcard is valid for one year. If you don’t have a SwissPass yet, you can get one along with your Leisure Travelcard at a staffed point of sale of public transport. 

Subject to changes of price, product and timetable.

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