The seven25 Travelcard: unlimited travel from 7 pm.

Under 25 and enjoy being out and about at night? Then the seven25 Travelcard is just the thing for you. Enjoy unlimited travel from 7pm on SBB trains and on most other railways, as well as on many public transport services in Switzerland – as if you had a GA Travelcard. The seven25 Travelcard is available on the SwissPass.

From 1 June 2023, the seven25 Travelcard will be replaced by the Night GA Travelcard. It now costs only CHF 99 per year (in contrast to the CHF 390 annual fee for the seven25 Travelcard). Everything else will stay the same. The Night GA Travelcard will be available from 1 May 2023. You will only be able to buy the seven25 Travelcard until 31 May 2023.

Link to the Night GA Travelcard

The travelcard is valid for travel until 5am during the week. Travel validity on weekends and general public holidays ends on 7am (arrival time on Saturday, Sunday or general public holidays).

Important: the seven25 Travelcard is valid from 7pm. Validity is based on the scheduled departure time. For departures before 7pm, a ticket valid as far as the first stop made by the train after 7pm must be purchased. This rule also applies to journeys with EasyRide or other check-in/check-out solutions.

The straightforward travelcard for young persons.

  • You get the seven25 Travelcard before your 25th birthday for CHF 39 per month or CHF 390 per year.
  • The seven25 Travelcard is valid up to any stop which is reached by 5 a.m., or 7 a.m. on weekends and general public holidays. For journeys after 5 a.m./7a.m., please buy a ticket.
  • The seven25 Travelcard is available for the 2nd class.
  • The night supplement is not included in the seven25 Travelcard. Please purchase this separately.
  • A Half Fare Travelcard is not required for use of the seven25 Travelcard.
  • This travelcard for young persons is not renewed automatically. Register at swisspass.chLink opens in new window. and we’ll remind you about the last day of validity for your travelcard by e-mail or SMS text.
  • Find out where the seven25 Travelcard is valid on the synoptic map

Price and product specifications subject to modifications.

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