SwissPass – the key to your mobility.

The SwissPass is more than just a GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard as it offers you access to partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and in the ski areas.

Why SwissPass?

More than half our customers renew their travelcards seamlessly and perhaps you can too. Thanks to the SwissPass you no longer have to think about renewing your travelcard and so you always stay mobile. Your SwissPass Card is valid for several years and we always renew your travelcard on the same card. We remind you of the optional cancellation deadline in good time prior to the automatic travelcard renewal.

Stay mobile with no interruptions.

With the SwissPass you can manage your travelcard data very simply and enjoy access to partner services. Furthermore, you are also helping to protect the environment, for we renew your travelcard on the same SwissPass for several years. We are therefore reducing the number of cards produced and distributed – all in the name of sustainability.

Travelcards on your SwissPass.

Since 1 August 2015 your GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard has been included on the SwissPass. In future, we will renew the services on an ongoing basis. We are integrating other travelcards and partner services into the SwissPass in stages.


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