Track 7: Unlimited travel from 7 p.m.

Are you a Half-Fare travelcard holder under 25 who enjoys travelling in the evenings? Then Track 7 is ideal for you.

Track 7 is an additional card to the Half-Fare travelcard for only CHF 129 a year. It entitles passengers up to the age of 25 to take any journey in 2nd class from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. – on the entire SBB network map as well as with numerous private transport companies.

Find out where Track 7 is valid on the synoptic map

Important: the night supplement is not included in Track 7. Please purchase this as well.

Tip: Track 7 is currently not available on the SwissPass so it will continue to be issued as a blue card.

Price and product specifications subject to modifications.