1-day travelpass for children.

Care to spend a full day out and about with your godchildren or neighbour’s children?

Then why not buy each child from the age of 6 up to its 16th birthday a 1-day travelpass for children? They cost just 16 francs for 2nd class and 32 francs for 1st class. You need to purchase a travelpass for each child. Up to four children can travel with each adult, who must be in possession of a valid ticket. The 1-day travelpass is valid anywhere in the GA travelcard area.

Please note: From 1.2.2017 to 31.1.2018 you can purchase the Junior travelcard and Children's Co-travelcard for only CHF 15 (instead of CHF 30) per year/child at most public transport sales points. For more information, visit www.sbb.ch/children

All products and prices are subject to change.

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1-day travelpass for children.

Buy 1-day travelpass for children.